Our once vibrant city is in dire need of change. Just ask anyone and they’ll tell you the same – our streets have become increasingly dirty, petty crime is spreading like wildfire, and the entire system is mired in inefficiency. It’s disheartening to see that the officials entrusted with addressing these pressing issues have made little headway in recent years. In fact, it appears that things are spiraling further downward. To make matters worse, those responsible for this situation are asking for more trust, seeking promotions, and showing no signs of changing course. But there is hope and it starts with each of us standing up for what we care about and believe in.

If you also believe that we need change then I’m asking you to join me on my campaign for real change. I don’t manage my business, raise my children, or approach life’s challenges by repeating the same failing strategies. As Albert Einstein aptly put it, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. We cannot and should not reward the same people who got us here to begin with. Los Angeles needs a new direction, a fresh perspective, and a commitment to real change.

Throughout my life, I’ve thrived on solving complex problems. Every day, I’ve dedicated myself to finding innovative solutions that benefit ordinary citizens – everyday hardworking folks and their families – people like you and people like me. What Los Angeles needs now isn’t just new approaches; it demands individuals ready to roll up their sleeves, listen to the people and put in the hard work necessary to confront the issues that have eroded our quality of life in our neighborhoods.

I’m not running for office because I’m a career politician or a bureaucrat. In fact, I’ve served as an elected member of a Neighborhood Council for many years without financial compensation. I’ve also volunteered with non-profit organizations, stepping in to do the vital work that the city should be doing but isn’t. My career as a Computer Scientist and Engineer has provided me with the skills and knowledge to effect meaningful change.

I’m running for LA City Council because, like you, I’m a lifelong Angeleno who is fed up with career politicians, bureaucrats, and special interests that don’t prioritize the everyday issues we face – the deplorable state of our streets, the safety of our homes, and the quality of life for our children and grandchildren. I’m one of you, and I’m committed to bringing about the change our city desperately needs. More importantly – I’m not going to make excuses and I will listen to you – the people who live and work here. Together, we can work to solve the real problems plaguing Los Angeles and restore the beauty, cleanliness, and safety for all to enjoy once more. I’m Lev Baronian and if you’re ready for change then I want your vote.

Your endorsement is the only one that matters. Donate to the campaign and join the team.