A lifelong Angeleno from a working-class family

I’m a lifelong Angeleno born and raised in Hollywood. For the past sixteen years I have lived and worked in Sherman Oaks alongside my wife and three children.

My roots trace back to a working-class immigrant family – part of a great generation who survived unimaginable hardships but made it to America’s shores in search for a better life for themselves and their children. Like many families who call our community home, my family worked tirelessly to achieve the American dream and chose Sherman Oaks as the place to make their dreams a reality. My folks taught me that hard work and perseverance will open the doors to success. So, I studied hard and I worked hard. During my academic journey, I showed promise as a student, skipping a grade in middle school, and later achieving success in high school, where I helped my Academic Decathlon team win a historic championship.

Following high school, I embarked on a volunteering mission in the war-torn region of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) halfway around the globe, a place few outside of Armenian circles had heard of. I wanted to assist in rebuilding a youth camp destroyed during the war for Artsakh’s independence. I did this because of what my parents had instilled in me – the idea that to those to whom much is given, much is expected in return.

From CSUN to NASA and beyond

Upon returning to Los Angeles, I pursued a major in Computer Science at Cal State Northridge’s esteemed College of Engineering and Computer Science. At the age of 18, I was recruited to work for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where I focused on optimizing secure systems for procuring flight hardware.

My path through college was paved with hard work, earning a Bachelor of Science degree while also working to support myself. But I never stopped aiming for the stars – literally! I had the privilege of being re-hired by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a consultant, contributing to the safety and success of various missions. Over time, I earned two NASA awards for my work and gained valuable experience as a senior software engineer, collaborating with esteemed institutions such as NASA, Cal Tech, Sempra Energy, MySpace, Western Asset Management, and Babcock Power. I am also proud to have played a role in the success of several startup ventures.

A father of three and a volunteer youth coach

Despite my professional achievements, one of my proudest accomplishments is starting a family. I’ve been happily married for sixteen years, and I am blessed with three healthy and energetic children. I have devoted considerable time to volunteering and leading non-profit organizations dedicated to serving youth, having served as both a basketball coach and a tech advisor.

I’ve successfully secured facilities and funding for these youth programs through collaborative efforts with agencies including the LAUSD, Los Angeles City Council, and California State Assembly. I do all this because I want my children to have the same opportunities that I did. I also want your children to have the same opportunities to participate in similar character-building activities. To realize our dreams, we must have safer streets and harmonious neighborhoods. Ultimately, I want to live in a city that listens to the residents instead of lecturing us on what we should want or what we need.

A dedicated neighborhood leader who puts community first

My commitment to public service dates back to my high school years when I interned at Congressman Brad Sherman’s office. Throughout the ye ars, I have held leadership positions in various community, non-profit, fraternal, and government organizations. I was elected as the Area 1 Community and later Business Representative on the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council and actively participated in committees. The recognition and awards received for my community service and leadership include commendations from the Los Angeles City Council, California Senate, and the United States Congress.

I am not running to become another politician. I’m running because I firmly believe that public service is an honor and one that many at City Hall seem to have forgotten. I know we can do better. But that must start with us having a strong voice at city hall – from our neighborhoods and for our neighborhoods.

We can and must do better. Let’s build a more livable city together!

I would be honored to be our voice for change and progress in City Hall.