Candidate Statement

As a native Angeleno, I am deeply dedicated to the future of our city.

My name is Levon Baronian and I am a lifelong community advocate, neighborhood councilmember, and founder of youth non-profit programs who has always prioritized the needs of our community over special interests.

Modern problems require novel innovators. For over 20 years, as a computer scientist and software engineer, I have dedicated my career to solving the most complex modern problems in business and government. I spent 8 years working for NASA, where I earned awards for introducing technological advancements to the federal agency. I also intimately understand the unique needs of our business community, having been a small business owner myself and having helped other small businesses get started and reach their full potential.

To bring Los Angeles into the 21st century, we need creative and accomplished professionals who can bring inventive strategies to a city establishment stuck in the repetitive bureaucracy of failed policies. The City of Los Angeles is endowed with unparalleled advantages, but career politicians and bureaucrats have continuously squandered the potential of our city and mismanaged our resources for their personal agendas.

Like you, I am a real member of our community. I am a father and family man who genuinely wants to raise this generation in the best possible version of Los Angeles. As your City Councilmember, I will prioritize the highest standards of safety, secure economic opportunities, and work hard every day for a higher standard of living for all Angelenos.

I’m Levon “Lev” Baronian and I hope to serve you in the Los Angeles City Council, District 4.

Candidate Statement