Los Angeles deserves better.

    Meet Levon

    Levon "Lev" Baronian is a Neighborhood Council Member, a former NASA Engineer, and a dedicated father who puts safe streets and healthy neighborhoods first.

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    Vision of a Better LA

    Accountability for Safety

    Lax policies, a lack of real consequences, and a decline in law enforcement personnel have led to a surge in property crimes in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles District Attorney’s reluctance to prosecute criminal acts has increased theft by 14% this year, up by 42% compared to two years ago. Current leadership has severely disincentivized arresting criminals for burglary, by declining to prosecute property crimes and putting thieves back on the street within hours with a simple ticket.

    Clean and Green

    The city collects 6,500 tons of garbage per day. Illegal trash dumping in the city has increased 450% since 2016 and up to 600% in some areas. My Clean Los Angeles program will partner with universities to research and invest in eco-friendly waste-to-energy technologies like plasma gasification to turn trash into renewable energy. This will incentivize trash collection, reduce local landfills, and improve the city’s image.

    Tech and Media Jobs

    With a background and decades of experiance in software, media and engineering, Levon will help bring technology and media jobs for Angelenos. I will streamline bureaucracy and remove barriers to entry for new businesses, while increasing grants, loans, and tax incentives for job creation. I will also implement job training, apprenticeship, and internship programs to help job seekers gain skills and work experience for a living wage.

    Youth Development

    Youth programs create the foundation for healthy adults, foster a sense of community, and teach youth how to become productive members of society. One of my main objectives is to develop open spaces and vacant city land into themed outdoor parks for specialized community activities, such as art parks, drive-in theaters, community gardens, children’s playgrounds, and sports courts. Recreational programs and spaces are vital for building a healthy community and keeping youth off the streets by providing them with low to no-cost daily activity centers for a strong body and mind.

    Join the Team

    The election is on March 5, 2024. Lev will be sharing much more about his plans for L.A. City Council in the coming weeks. Please sign up to receive Lev's updates!

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